Bella Noir
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Brand Philosophy

Houston Based. Black Owned. Self-Love Enthused, 100% Natural & Vegetarian-Friendly Skin Care for Your Body.

3  John 1:2

"Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper in good health, as it goes well with your soul." 

Bella Noir was founded on the principles that what is natural and created by God has a unique ability to transform and heal the human body, mind and spirit. The physical world and the gifts brought about only by the purity of the spiritual world are undoubtedly,intrinsically linked.

We aim to create natural products that are not only beneficial to the health and beautification of your body, but also provoke women to see the power in combining your outer beauty with immense, spiritual awareness. Unlike what the world has taught you, these two things are not dichotomies. Bella Noir seeks to embolden women to take care of your bodies, for it serves as the house to the soul as well.

Our hope is, if not just for a small window in your day, whether getting ready for work or you're in the shower after a long day , you will start to take time for yourself. Outside of your roles as mothers, girlfriends or wives, business owners, or exhausted college students; Bella Noir aims to create natural and self-love enthused products that encapsulates the feeling of luxury and an ambiance that enables spiritual and physical healing, so that you may feel beautiful, relax and enjoy a space of private intimacy with yourself and Christ. 

Bella Noir proudly serves to be your catalyst of such moments. We want to invite you to enjoy your body, not for what it can do for others, but to purely enjoy your body. What it smells and feels like when you take care of it, and even more impactfully, when you love yourself unconditionally in a healthy manner both physically and spiritually with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit in consideration.