Nothing is Ever Coincidence, but Not Everything Needs to be Entertained Either

Sometimes you meet people and sometimes you come across opportunities that feel almost eerily tailor-made for exactly what you wanted. Love stories or friendships that start off with chance encounters often feel like affirmations of God’s blessings,because he did ,after all, have to practically perfectly align stars for you two to end up next to each other. But as the saying goes, “When God wants to reach you, he’ll often strategically do it through relationships and opportunities. And when the enemy wants to reach you...he’ll also often strategically do it through relationships and “opportunities.” I use to say coincidences were God’s way of winking at us, a playful poke from the father that, yes this was “meant to be,” so it was fully ok to pursue and even aggressively pursue if proven necessary. I also have witnessed and been on the receiving end of an onslaught of instances too, where the moral of the story was simply just to leave *said thing alone. Even after time apart, growth doesn’t always look the same on everyone and sometimes God lets old things that once got you caught up to reappear, juusssttt to see if you really have truly spiritually matured past them. Like any good teacher, after the lesson,always comes the test. 

I somewhat recently came up with a personal formula of questions and conditions based on what I know to be God’s will, that has helped me to better discern whether a person or situation keeps being brought back because God wants to see the situation come to fruition vs. a really well packaged distraction/ reoccurring lesson He keeps trying to teach through a person/people/circumstances:

  1. Does it seem a little to familiar to a previously learned lesson? The same root problem can come packaged in many forms and people God told you to stay away from and can wear many different faces. Nothing in this life fully disappears until the lesson is fully realized. James 1. 3-4 makes clear that you WILL be tested ,but the intended purpose is always to give you the opportunity to mature, be more complete, and move closer to who God intends for you to be overall. If things start to reappear, particularly where the moral of the story there could be applied here, sometimes God is just checking the pulse on your character. You coincidentally running into your ex or your old best friend that He practically had to drag you away from, isn’t always an invitation for you to let them back in. Sometimes He lets old things “coincidentally” boomerang back to you to see if you truly learned to walk away from the same things and type of people you once use to trip over.
  2.  Does it fit into where you know He wants your life to go? God doesn’t just strangely send you people or to places that don’t fit into your journey. If it feels out of place or (strangely enough in most cases) feels so perfect that it distracts you from God and his calling on your life, you can almost guess who sent it and it’s never Christ. Blessings always point you back in the direction of the giver, treat everything else with caution.
  3. Be level headed and take your time to allow things to reveal themselves organically and sincerely. 1 John 4.1 says it is initially up to you to test to see if it really comes from God. 1 Timothy 1.7 affirms a sound mind is God’s gift to us. So just because something arrives or reappears, even if in the most whimsical of manners, definitely doesn’t mean you should dive head first into it. Imagine a really beautifully wrapped gift showing up at your door for no reason; you didn’t ask for it or order it. Your first initial response would be surprise then flattery, but then confusion. Then you would probably spiral into a small investigation of trying to figure out who sent it to you and based upon the sender, you would decide whether or not it was safe to accept or not. Treat things and people who just show up out of no where *even if beautifully packaged, with the same curiosity. Take your time, treat it with a benevolent form of caution and constantly call on God until he reveals if it is from him or not. 
  4. Lastly, believe it or not, God introduces you to some people to learn from, but not to keep. Stars may align for you to cross paths and he very well may have intended it, but only for a season. Just because he lets them show up doesn’t mean they’ll stay. When a thing has clearly hit it’s God given expiration date, gracefully bow out and move forward with those lessons. There is a saying that some people join together in life like perpendicular lines, they have a significant yet brief meeting point, then continue straight on their separate paths, never intended to cross ever again. It is important to know some encounters are significant to you and/or others and there are some paths you must cross to get to where God needs you, but that doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing. Sometimes God does personally introduce you to people, but just so you two can help each other make it from point A to point B, and then your paths permanently split off and that’s ok too. 

Love you beautiful people and pray everyone is living well and walking according to God's purpose,

Raven xx

raven king