Brand Promise 


This is Bella Noir's official pinky promise to our customers to always use the finest quality, natural ingredients in our products. No parbens, no sulfates and no mineral oils.

If you cant find it in nature, you won't find it in one of our bottles.

The ingredients used are proven both effective and beneficial for your overall health. Your skin is one of the most delicate yet the largest organ of your body, absorbing 60%- 70% of everything you put on it. Bella Noir maintains that our customers should never have to put anything on their body that they wouldn't put into it as well.

The formulas and ingredients used are universally advantageous and a great deal of them are made specifically with darker pigmented womens' unique skin and body care needs in mind. With that being said, never be discouraged to try any of the goodies offered exclusively by Bella Noir; the beauty of mother nature is she is beneficial to everyone in her own unique way.

ella Noir will vigorously and continually aim to educate its customers and following. As the brand evolves, so will the power and knowledge of our customers. It is beyond skin and body care, Bella Noir is actively challenging women to make lifestyle changes with both physical and spiritual betterment being at the forefront. Every product is designed to address specific needs, naturally. It is our duty to operate with complete transparency and educate our customers on the short and long term benefits of what they are purchasing, while uplifting and enlightening them as well. Bella Noir promises a dynamic, informative and spiritually elevating experience every time your bless us with your business.