The Afterglow Illuminating Body Oil

The Afterglow Illuminating Body Oil


Proverbs 4.18 "The ways of right living people glow with light."

The Bella Noir Afterglow Illuminating Body Oil is ideal for anyone who prefers a natural looking, sun kissed glow that looks to radiant from within instead of using artificial looking illuminators and highlighters that leave obvious traces of glitter on the skin. This oil includes grounded healing crystals that softly diffuse light. 

Key Ingredient:

Mica Crystal Dust:  The crystal name "Mica" is derived from Latin origins which means "to glitter." Known for its soft light , reflective qualities; this stone is said to carry energy that encourages focus, letting go of the past, self confidence and helping stimulate a higher, spiritual connection. Due to the gentle yet impactful, reflective qualities of this crystal, it also is believed to aid one in removing negative personality traits by allowing one to become more gently, self-reflective of who one honestly is. 

* The Bella Noir Afterglow Illuminating Body Oil increases in intensity when used after slight sunbathing with the Melanin Magic Body oil. 

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