The "Garden Drip" Aromatic Hair & Body Oil

The "Garden Drip" Aromatic Hair & Body Oil


2 Corinthians 2. 15 “To God, we are the sweet and fragrant aroma of Christ.”

**No Artificial Fragrance Added

A fragrant body oil that not only nourishes , but leaves behind a lingering sweet flora scent on your hair and skin. The “Garden Drip” contains an exotic array natural oils and natural fragrance given off by Jasmine, Rose and Hibiscus flowers. A wonderful addition to your beauty staple list if you love our Best-Selling “Melanin Magic“ Body Oil, and would love an au naturale fragrant oil for days and nights you want turn it up a notch.

Ways to use:

  1. As a hot oil treatment for hair. After you shampoo and condition, apply the oil to hair sit under a drier or wear in a steaming sauna for 15-45 minutes. Wash out thoroughly

  2. Apply as a moisturizer on dry hair. Apply a dime size amount to ends your of hair to help avoid breakage and massage into scalp to stimulate growth. Enjoy the lingering smell of Roses and Hibiscus in your hair throughout the day <3

  3. Wear as a body oil. Apply in the shower (after washing) to still wet skin, massage oil all over and do not wash off. Air dry (preferably) or lightly pat dry. OR apply to dry skin throughout the day for an aromatic, lingering smell and moisturized and smooth skin **Can be worn as a light facial oil as well.

  4. Applied to the “pulse points“ of your body. For a layered and unique scent, add the “Garden Drip” Body Oil to your pulse points and add desired fragrance or perfume for a more personalized and new spin on your favorite, personal scent.

Key Ingredients:

Jasmine Oil: Jasmine Oil not only smells divine, but is also great your overall skin health. Wonderful to calm skin that suffers for eczema, as well as, fighting inflammation within the skin. Also possesses an aromatic calming quality that is said to aid with anxiety and stress.

Hibiscus Oil: Wonderful for natural hair or anyone looking to add moisture, stimulate hair growth and increase shine! Also a natural form of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), which help gently exfoliate skin, unclog pores and aiding in oil control. The high mucilage of this plant allows for it to be incredibly moisturizing for both hair and body.

Rose Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and abundant in linolenic acid , ensuring that the water already contained in your skin is locked in. In addition, these acids possess wonderful hydrating properties that add in moisture and readily absorbs into the skin and hair. Rose oil possess a high amount of Vitamin A (a natural retinol) and Vitamin C, increading: collagen production, skin radiance and skin cell turnover rate for scar healing. The Vitamin A also works wonders for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation. It also aids in the renewal of damaged hair follicles and encourages hair growth.

Full Ingredient List: Safflower Oil, Maize Oil, Jasmine Oil, Rose Oil, Hibiscus Oil , Fresh-Cut Garden Flowers

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