The "Jonah" Face & Body Wash

The "Jonah" Face & Body Wash


Jonah 2.4 - 5 “I will look up to the heavens while even waters of the sea surround me and seaweed is wrapped around my body.”

*REFORMULATED! Now provides a creamy and luxurious lather while still being highly moisturizing (still sulfate-free and completely natural). While primarily being an oil based cleanser, this new formula is even more beneficial and considerate of those with pre-existing oily skin issues, in addition to still catering to needs of those with dry/combination skin types as well. Enjoy xx

The Jonah Face & Body Wash was inspired by the belief that healthy, beautiful skin should not just stop at your neck, this wash works well for a variety of skin types and is loaded with natural humectants and oils that allow for the wash to actually penetrate into pores. Most oils and cremes can only lock/trap in moisture, and sometimes that trapping leads to pores not being able to breathe or locking in bacteria that later causes acne. This wash is formulated using very specific ingredients to ensure your skin is receiving moisture in a way that it is naturally designed to.  * It is intended to also be applied to the face in the shower as a mask while you use it to cleanse and moisturize the rest of your body also.

The "Jonah" Face & Body Wash  gives a fresh, natural glow without fear of breakout or overly greasy skin due to it possessing ingredients that contain molecular structures that your skin can actually absorb. Also loaded with oils that mimic the skin's natural sebum which aids in balancing oil production while providing skin with moisture and antioxidants that can be brought into deeper layers of the skin instead of just sitting on top of it.

Key Ingredients:

Rockweed seaweed extract imported from Iceland (Ascophyllum Nodosum) : Wonderful for hydrating the skin and rich in Omega fatty acids. Rockweed softens and smooths skin, as well as, reduces skin inflammation. Rich in Vitamin C and Potassium, this extract works wonderfully for boosting collagen production. Rockweed's abundance of Iron, increases Oxygen-rich blood that ensures healthy and fresh looking skin.

Vegetable glycerin: non-comedogenic humectants made of coconut, soybean and palm oil. Vegetable glycerin can pull moisture from the air and into your skin,  in addition to acting as a seal over the other oils while your skin works to absorb them. 

Jojaba Oil: a plant based alternative that is known to produce oil that also very closely resembles the human sebum molecular structure and therefore works as a fantastic and readily absorb-able moisturizer to the skin.

Sesame seed oil: Abundant in Vitamin E and B Complex , Sesame seed oil aids in repairing damaged skin cells and protecting skin from free radicals. It also possesses a high amount of Niacin, which aids in fading dark spots and evening the skin's overall complexion.

Vitamin E Oil:  Aids in speeding skin regeneration cycle while providing loads of moisture. Rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals,as well as treating existing pre-existing skin scarring and discoloration.

Full Ingredient List: Kelp Extract, Wheat Grass Powder, Kale, Moringa Powder, Spirulina Powder, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Spring Water, Maize Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Lime extract and Wild Orange Essential Oil

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