The Lebanese Coffee & Olive Oil Exfoliating Face Scrub

The Lebanese Coffee & Olive Oil Exfoliating Face Scrub


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"Their beauty will be like that of an olive tree and their sweet fragrance like the cedars of Lebanon"

The Lebanese Coffee & Olive Oil Exfoliating Scrub is a must have for anyone suffering from lack-luster, dry or acne-scarred skin! This is a great alternative for anyone who has found the much hyped acid-exfoliants to be to abrasive and harsh on the skin, but would like a highly effective, gentle yet skin-smoothing physical exfoliator to add to their skincare routine.

**For those who are concerned about physical exfoliants being too harsh on the skin, this exfoliant was formulated to appease sensitive skin using finely ground coffee bean (reduced down to the size of a grain). Also, unlike other natural physical exfoliants, which tend to have an irregular shape (meaning they often have jagged edges and thus, scratch/irritate the skin while exfoliating), these coffee grounds possess more of a circular shape. Allowing them to glide across the face in union with the circular motions your hands use while exfoliating, making this a far less abrasive physical exfoliator.

Key Ingredients:

Lebanese Coffee : Abundant in natural forms of caffeine, these Lebanese Coffee grounds provide an instant pick me up for dull and lusterless skin, revealing more healthy and smooth skin after just one use. The caffeine content also improves blood flow providing a radiant flush, in addition to constricting blood vessel which may contribute to dark circles. Also rich in hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols , this is also a fabulous way to fight free radicals at the end of the day.

Olive Oil: Widely known for its moisturizing benefits, Olive oils come equipped with vitamins A, D, K AND E! It also possesses squalene, which provides an abnormally high amount of antioxidants that provides a nice little “pick me up” to tired and lack luster skin.

Vegetable glycerin: non-comedogenic humectant made of coconut, soybean and palm oil. Vegetable glycerin can pull moisture from the air and into your skin,  in addition to acting as a seal over the other oils while your skin works to absorb them. 

Other ingredients: finely ground nut variety, Tea made from a variety of floral herbs

As with any exfoliant, be gentle <3 Use light, circular motions on pre-damp skin and fingers after cleansing. Wash off with warm water if you suffer from dry skin and cold if you have oily. Use as frequently as your skin seems to need, but 2-3 times a week at minimum (depending upon skin type) is recommended.

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