The Lilliac Infused "Woohsah Water" Facial Mist

The Lilliac Infused "Woohsah Water" Facial Mist


Luke 12. 25 - 27 “Can all of your worries add a single moment to your life? If worrying can't accomplish a little thing like that, whats the use in worrying over bigger things. Consider how the Lilies grow." 

The Bella Noir Liliac Infused "Woohsah Water" is a calming facial mist that can also double as a toner. Spritz on throughout the day to ease stress while leaving your skin with a fresh, dewy finish.

Key Ingredients:

Coconut : Coconuts are excellent for alkalizing and balancing skin ph levels, which keeps skin from over producing oil throughout the day. Extracts of coconuts are also used to relieve headaches and boost energy levels.

Lily Decoction: A unique process that allows you to bottle the tranquil and beautiful components a lily's essence for you to spritz anywhere at your convenience.The essence of lilies provides a subtle yet noticeable brightening of the skin's complexion. In addition to working as a wonderful proponent for reducing skin irritation and alleviating oil build up in pores, they are also rich in natural antioxidants.

* Please always keep in mind when purchasing natural products, the smell may be more subtle than accustomed to. In an effort to keep products as natural as possible, Bella Noir abstains from the use of synthetic fragrances. Aromas are left in their natural state, which are usually soft and lingering on the skin. As in all things God creates, the beauty of nature is always more subtle than ostentatious.

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