The Melanin Magic Body Oil

The Melanin Magic Body Oil


1 Song of Solomon 1.5 "I am dark. I am lovely."

The Bella Noir Melanin Magic body oil is a lightweight blend of exotic oils specifically formulated to provide skin with moisture, a smoother appearance and a natural yet radiant glow.

This oil is called "Melanin Magic" for a reason, it is formulated to perform for a different purpose in comparison to other natural body oils. As is known, the darker the skin, the more melanin it possesses. When the UV rays in sunlight come into contact with skin, the skin produces melanin in order to "protect" it, which is why skin becomes darker in the sun. However, those who are born with a potent amount of melanin already activated in their skin, actually are able to absorb the sun more readily and can even receive nutrients such as Vitamin D when coming into contact with it.

The Melanin Magic Body Oil is formulated using very specific natural oils that better allow the sun to oxidize new and preexisting melanin present in skin once enacted by the rays of the sun. The effect, is beautiful.  For lighter skin tones, this provides as a wonderful, natural tanning oil that will not only allow for a nice tan, but also give a soft glow. For darker skin tones, this oil caramelizes the skin beautifully after a little time spent in the sun and provides an enviably even skin tone in addition to a gorgeous, radiant, filtered effect all over your entire body

Key Ingredients: 

African Marula Oil: Rich in Omega 3 and oleic, The African Marula tree provides a plethora of health and skin benefits. This oil protects from sun damage and aging, improves skin elasticity and provides skin with Vitamin A and C.

Argan Oil: Lightweight and renowned for its moisturizing properties, this liquid gold is rich in anti-oxidants that speed up the healing process for preexisting skin issues.

Moringa Oil: The Moringa Tree is often referred to as the "Tree of Life" or even the tree from the imagination of God. It has actually been debated if when God showed Moses the tree that could purify unclean water and make it palatable and sweet, if it was in fact a Moringa Tree. The Moringa Tree is such a powerful detoxifier and healer, that when its seeds are placed in unclean water, they alone can purify it and make the water drinkable (this is actually incredible to see, especially living in a world that teaches you that water can only be cleaned through filters and other man made purifiers.)  Moringa is also being used in the hopes of either being or finding cures for over 300 diseases. Ingesting some organic form of it has been proven to be immensely beneficial. When using it on your body, it provides a gorgeous glow while releasing Vitamin B and C and a plethora of other nutrients into the pores and therefore eventually your bloodstream.

Full Ingredient list: Maize Oil, Marula Oil, Moringa Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Avocado Oil

* Please note that reasonable and beneficial amounts of time in the sun such as ,enjoying prayer outside at the start of your day while wearing this product, is encouraged.  However, hedonistic practices of spending too much time in the sun are advised against as well. Please use in proper moderation and find a healthy balance that feels and proves appropriate for you.

* The Bella Noir Melanin Magic Body Oil increases in intensity when used after the Bella Noir Brown Sugar and Acacia Honey Scrub and prior to the Bella Noir Afterglow Illuminating Oil.

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