On behalf of Bella Noir, thank you for all the tremendous feedback and support! It is so humbling and exciting to see so many beauties understand and embrace Bella Noir and its message. 

BIG SHOUTOUT to Raevin Wade. Also Nissi Orgill of youngblackandvegan.tumblr.com for featuring Bella Noir on both of their blogs.

Bella Noir was also allotted the luxury of being a proud sponsor of Nissi's My Strength and Shield podcast for Episode 19. For anyone who enjoys our brand philosophy, we highly recommend the podcast for both spiritual and more sublunary forms of guidance and inspiration. Actually, we double recommend listening to her podcast while winding down and pampering yourself with a few of our products!

Special thanks to both ladies who were so kind to feature and review Bella Noir products. We would definitely urge checking out both blogs for thought provoking perspectives, as well as, Nissi's podcast My Strength and Shield.

Thank you all for the love & God bless,                                              Bella Noir Staff xx